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The Canadian North Arctic Comedy Festival is expanding to Yellowknife (October 9-10) and returning to Iqaluit (October 11-12) for our second year! Tickets are on sale now!



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SEPT. 20, 2019: Press Release

After a highly successful launch in 2018, the Canadian North Arctic Comedy Festival is expanding to Yellowknife, NWT this year on October 9th to 10th and returning to Iqaluit October 11th to 12th.

The Festival will feature top talent from across Canada including comics from Arctic communities plus Mary Walsh, Howie Miller, Big Daddy Tazz, Derek Seguin, James Mullinger and many more.

Along with Canadian North, this year the Festival is excited to welcome Northwestel and CBC North as presenting partners.

“We’re thrilled that the Canadian North Arctic Comedy Festival is named as a ‘top ten comedy festival’ by CBC Comedy. Now in our second year we’re going to be the biggest and best comedy fest in the Arctic. We’re proud to raise funds for local mental health organizations along the way,” said John Helmkay, Director and Producer.

“Laughter cheers our spirit, relieves stress and strengthens relationships, so it makes sense to have a comedy festival that supports mental health,” said Dan Valin, Manager, Marketing and Communications for Canadian North.

“As a longstanding supporter of Mental Illness Awareness Week, Northwestel is pleased to partner with the 2019 Canadian North Arctic Comedy festival.  Events like this help people to talk openly about mental health.  By adding to that conversation, we can all help end the stigma that surrounds mental health and build a stronger North,” said Curtis Shaw, President of Northwestel.

“Teasing and comedy and good humour are cultural - things we share around here,” said Loren McGinnis, host of “The Trailbreaker,” CBC North Radio One, CBC NWT

“The North is a funny place! And CBC North loves a good laugh. Teasing and comedy and good humour are cultural - things we share around here. It all cuts through the chill, stokes the fire and brings us together,” said Loren McGinnis, host of "The Trailbreaker". CBC North Radio One, CBC NWT.

Canadian North Arctic Comedy Festival Takes Flight

Yellowknife October 9-10 and Iqaluit October 11-12, 2019

Canadian North and NorthwesTel have partnered with the Crackup Comedy team for the 2nd Annual Arctic Comedy Festival. In 2019 we are returning to Iqaluit and expanding to Yellowknife!

We’re featuring a powerhouse of star talent from across Canada, including comics from local communities. This year our Festival takes place during Mental Illness Awareness Week. We partner with local organizations to raise awareness and funds for local mental health support services. Canadian North and the Crack Up Comedy organizers hope to expand the festival to more communities in the Arctic.

“Laughter cheers our spirit, relieves stress and strengthens relationships, so it makes sense to have a comedy festival that supports and promotes mental health,” said Dan Valin of Canadian North. “We hope this festival continues to raise awareness of the tools available to youth and our communities.”

Mary Walsh as host will set the stage on fire the minute the festival opens with her fierce brand of satirical humor in Yellowknife with “An Evening with Mary Walsh”. The Canadian comedic icon is best known as creator and star of This Hour has 22 Minutes, Codco, Matching Hatching and Dispatching and much more. Some of her best loved moments as “Marg, Princess Warrior” have made national headlines, and she recently published her debut novel Crying for the Moon.

Howie Miller, one of Canada’s most experienced and respected First Nation professional comedians, will also appear alongside many other comics including Big Daddy Tazz, Chad Anderson, Yellowknife’s own Alex Sparling, and some of our favourite comics from Iqaluit: Bibi Bilodeau and the Sam & Bernard comedy duo who will join us in Yellowknife. Howie has performed at all the major Canadian comedy festivals including the prestigious “Montreal Just for Laughs Festival” and was recently featured on American television in the Showtime special “No Reservations Needed”.

Don Kelly, star of APTN’s ‘Fish Out of Water” and veteran of many Canadian comedy Festivals will host our finale in Iqlauit with Derek Seguin, Abdul Butt, Sandra Battaglini, Wendi Reed, Harrison Weinreb, and a host of local comics. On Friday Oct 11th Mary Walsh will open a special mental health and comedy show ‘Crackup Iqaluit’ featuring Patrick McKenna ‘ADD and Loving It”, Big Daddy Tazz “The Bipolar Buddha”, and Kyle Brownrigg “Unmedicated, The New Fragrance.”

This year in Iqaluit we’re featuring a show in French and English with Derek Seguin (Sirius Satellite’s Top Comic Award Winner) with Abdul Butt, an alumni of CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

The festival will feature 5 shows over 4 days and include visits to high schools if time permits. Get your tickets now!



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